Week 3 of the challenge was to sew something to make sewing easier. I had no problem coming up with what I wanted to sew, a wrist pincushion. I have been wanting one for quite a while but it is just the thing which is always put on the back burner of the sewing list. I was not able to get to it the week of the challenge but it is done now. I saw a comment from one of the fb members who mentioned putting plastic in the cushion so as not to stab your wrist but mine was too small to make that happen without a lot of fiddling and that was more time than I wanted to put into what was supposed to be a quick project. However, later my husband suggested leather which would work fabulously. Next one will be bigger with a leather piece to avoid…ouch!


I missed week 4 which was sew something for a boy! However, I have an UFO men’s shirt that I plan on finishing in April and will count it as week 4.

Next up (week 5) was the sew something from a newly purchased pattern. This time challenge accepted using the pattern I had obtained for week 4 – sew for a boy (man) . I sewed two Sinclair Patterns Tao, a men’s raglan tshirt. A short sleeve for my son who resides in a warmer climate, the other for one of my daughter’s friend who lives locally.

Absolutely recommend this pattern. Quick, easy sew and more fitted than most men’s raglans out there. I ask my daughter’s friend to model both raglans for me.

And here we are, week 6! Can’t believe we are already 6 weeks in to the new year. I hate how fast time goes by. It is sew something red or pink week. I have so much on my sewing calendar, I really thought I would miss this week. But, today I decided to take the time and replace my smallish make up bag with a larger one!

I used some of my coveted stash for the make up bag! The red stripe fabric was brought to me from Guatemala. The lining fabric is a nice Art Gallery quilting cotton. I have made many versions of this bag for friends and as gifts. This is my tnt make up bag pattern. One can really pile the toiletries in the bag and it has a super wide mouth for easy access to the contents.

For the inside, I always use iron on laminate so it can be wiped clean. Outer layer is backed with iron on fleece so it stands up as I prefer a more rigid bag.


This makes me not only caught up but a day early with my make!