Recently I had the opportunity to test a pattern for Wardrobe by Me; her new men’s slim leg chino pants.

Over the years I have completed quite a few pattern tests for a variety of indie pattern developers. Although, I have only done a few test this year due to a new job and work demands, I think  I have gotten kind of careless in the signing up process and will admit I signed up for this test without really studying the shape of the pants carefully. The pants are a very modern slim fit, tapering to a narrow hem. The word hipster comes to mind first when I think of these pants.

This photo is from Vogue.

I am pretty sure my husband has no idea what a hipster is, or what the word means or implies so I went in to this test thinking, there is NO WAY my husband will wear these pants. My husband is very traditional in his dress and works in IT.  But I had signed up and committed and I actually liked the style quite a bit. Perhaps he would like them after all and if not, there is always the Goodwill store.

I sewed a muslin size 33 for my first go round. He typically wears a 32-34 depending on brand. They were skin tight in the lower leg and button popping at the waist. At that point, I determined I had better use a stretch woven for fabric and go up a size. In the end I went up 2 sizes, to a 35 (which is near the top of WBM’s size range) and used this fabric from Koshtex in LA.

Even though the pants have back welt pockets, slanted front pockets and a fly front, construction was easy peasy due to Christina’s directions. I guess I wouldn’t say a complete beginner but if one has some sewing experience they could make their way through these pants. I made my welt pockets first as they were the most difficult step for me.

Black is soooo hard to photograph!

Fly front was a breeze and I learned a brand new way to sew front pockets which I liked quite a bit!

I can’t say all the reasons why but, I really enjoyed making these pants! It may be there is such a great result for so little sewing effort AND aside from size, I had zero fitting issues.

I think my guy looks very sexy in his chinos!




In the end, he loved them! The day after I completed them, I came home and he had worn them to work; and he said they were very comfortable!

While I should have taken more care when I signed up to test, it all worked out and my husband has a nice new pair of pants that he likes to wear. I can recommend this pattern without any reservations.