sequoiaside2Released today – another great pattern from Itch to Stitch; the Sequoia Cargo Pant and Shorts. A functional pant with a comfortable yet stylish elastic waistband the Sequoia can be made long or short and with or without large front, side and back pockets. It also has a leg strap option so one can roll up and secure the pant leg. The use of decorative snap closures and a contrast waistband adds pop to this utilitarian wardrobe stable.

According to the Dictionary of Fashion History Cargo pants are defined as: “An American style of informal, lightweight trousers, often of cotton, with one or more large pockets on the outside of each leg. A variant allows a section of the lower leg to be unzipped to provide shorts”.

The Online Oxford Dictionary gives us this definition (as well as 2 pronunciations – British and American): /ˈkɑːrɡoʊ pænts/  loose trousers that have pockets in various places, for example on the side of the leg above the knee”.

Like the bomber jacket, Cargo pants were introduced to Americans via 1940s U.S. WWII paratroopers and pilots and started to become fashion in the 1950s.  They originated with the British military however, and were viewed as a part of the field uniform, used to carry maps and other essentials. I can already attest, one of the best features of the Sequoia cargo, is all it’s large pockets!

1950s cargo pants
This picture comes from Vintage Dancer who has a great post on 1950s separates and bottoms.

Traditionally Cargos would be less fitted allowing for a lot of movement. But as with all styles of clothing, changes in style occur and frequently slim fit cargos are seen on the runway and with the public.


I sewed mine with room to move as I plan on these being my primary work pants. I love the big pockets which allow me to carry essentials at my job and not worry about losing them!seqoiafrontstill

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I also added a bit of fun in the pocket facings and at my inside waist with this checked quilting fabric. It took me the better part of 8 hours from start to finish for my pants. This does not include the muslin making process. If you include all the optional details this pattern offers it can be a longer sew. But at the end, you have a nice pair of useful and comfortable pants. I thoroughly enjoyed sewing these pants, and I do plan more Sequoias in the future. My husband and I are avid hikers and these are perfect for outdoor activities!
sequoiapocket2Itch to Stitch provides excellent pdf patterns with detailed instructions for each step on all their patterns and the Sequoia’s are no exception.  (One reason I enjoyed sewing them so much!)

Currently you can pick up the pattern for $9.60! Click here to purchase your copy of the Itch to Stitch Sequoia Cargo Pants and Shorts! I hope you love them as much as I do!!