Say hello to the Bellavista! The newest pattern release from Itch to Stitch Designs!

When it is -10 wind chill. Yikes.

I have been telling myself for ages I needed a comfy knit top for work. We are not suppose to wear t-shirts so I was reduced to wearing a few knit tops I had made earlier this year but were not quite right for the job. I work part time for Hallmark and do a lot of walking, lifting, bending and moving about in a day. I frequently have my arms high above my head and it is not hard to show some belly. Ummm, no.

But, I don’t always come first in my sewing line-up; think…first grand baby and you get the drift, so I was ecstatic when Kennis accepted my tester app for her latest; a cozy looking knit top, the Bellavista. Being a tester meant I would get my new tops!

I just love the Bellavista, the style is right up my alley! Oh and she is so quick to sew. I signed up to sew the bell sleeve crew neck and using the serger managed to sew 3 of them in what amounted to a half a day. IF I had been better organized and thinking ahead, I could have batch cut and sewn and finished everything up in 3 hours or so. YES, it is that quick and easy. I have a plethora of knits in my stash so had plenty of fabric choices on hand.

Here is an excerpt of the pattern description: The Bellavista Top comes in a comfortable swing bodice with a center-front panel. It also comes with two neck options and two sleeve options. Use a sweater knit to make a sweater, or a jersey to make a T-shirt. 

The swing bodice and bell sleeves are what makes this pattern for me! These design features make for a roomy and comfortable top and allow for lots of movement. All of my versions were sewn size 12 and 4 of them have a narrow shoulder adjustment.

Here I used an Art Gallery cotton knit. Front panel is cut on the crossgrain for contrast.



This orange print below is another super soft cotton knit from Art Gallery. This is probably my favorite crew neck version.



Although not really noticeable, I actually cut the front panel on the crosswise for this version as well. I wished I had offset the pattern in addition for more contrast.

I was not going to sew a cowl version. I don’t have any cowls in my closet and have never bought any rtw cowl type tops. I changed my mine after seeing other tester versions of the cowl.

This time I collected three coordinating fabrics; a rich and luscious dark purple wool merino knit from Nature’s Fabrics,  a floral digital knit from Elliot Berman Textiles and a thrifted green tube rib knit of which I only had a single yard.


Plenty to spare! 🙂

It was a bit of puzzle getting the pieces the way I wanted but it all worked out. I cut all the pieces at once, found a neutral serger color (dark brown strangely enough) which I could use on all three fabrics and carved out 2 hours to sew both of them. While sitting at the serger I seamed until I could not go further without pressing. Pressed. Seamed more, pressed, hemmed and done!

Zip, zip, zip! Because of earlier preparations and Kennis’ outstanding pattern drafting and instructions it was fast. I just love it when all the notches line up and are where they should be for ease of construction. Thank you Kennis!



Now, I have 5 new tops for work (pictures of the last cowl when it warms up some!!) and a willingness to at least give other cowls a try!

You can purchase your pattern here!