Until Black Friday I was not really familiar with Zierstoff patterns. They are an independent pattern company that has a pretty full line of baby, children’s and women’s patterns and are based in Germany.

Zierstoff had a generous sale on Black Friday weekend so I purchased the Luna cape, the Daniel beanie and the Melissa cardigan.

As of this review, I have only made the cape and the beanie. First off the hat. This is a simple hat pattern for a knit fabric which is what I wanted.

Vintage Jersild wool knit sweater

I have a vintage sweater which I want to make the hat from but when I assembled the pattern I thought it looked a bit big. I have a lot of hair and don’t have a tiny head. When I laid a hat I had previously on the pattern it was quite a bit smaller. I decided to sew up a quick test hat using the smallest size in a sweater knit remnant and make it reversible with a super soft spandex. Glad I did. Just based on my measurements I would have made a medium which would have been too large for me. The hat can be made reversible or not and it would be easy to attach a pom.


I went ahead and sewed a matching reversible scarf and the set became a Christmas present for one of my daughter’s roommates. Because I knew I was going to do this review, I also watched their instruction video. The video would be helpful to sewing newbies.  They also sew a loop (infinity) scarf in the video.

Next up was the Luna cape.

From Zierstoff pattern website

Initially I wanted to sew this up with a mid weight wool, line it and use a softer wool knit for the hood part, and I still may, but being new to their patterns and still unsure about sizing I decided to go with stretch fleece I had in my stash for the cape part and a cotton knit remnant from my stash for the hood.

I am very pleased with how my cape turned out. It was a quick sew and the pattern could give a lot of bang for the buck with interesting fabric choices.  This too became a Christmas present. I used a softer more pliable cotton knit and lined the hood for reasons outlined below. There is a video for constructing the cape.

Love the way the soft knit drapes on the neckline.

There were a couple things I wanted to change with the cape pattern. One is how stiff the front hood piece lays with a more bodied fabric like the scuba type purple knit in the picture from their site. The pattern calls for a heavier type fabric but I just could not see how that would lay comfortably on the wearer’s neck. The front of the neck finishes very deep and I felt the fleece would be constantly pushing up on the chin.



Two, I prefer a hood that is lined so raw seams do not show.  Below is a photo from their site showing the raw hood seam.


Here is my lined hood from the back. Much nicer finish. At the minimum, I would recommend a hong kong finish on the hood seam if you don’t want to line your hood.


Aside from those two design issues, which are sewer preference and nothing to do with pattern making, I found this simple cape pattern delightful and fun to sew. (I have to confess, I did not read the sewing instructions on either the cape or beanie pattern). One could easily make a half dozen more and really chew up stash in the process. Everyone loves a good cape and the neckline of the hood on this one would make for some interesting contrast and individuality.

However, it wasn’t a completely stress free sew. It took a bit of extra effort to assemble the pattern and to understand what was going on.

The number 6 is how many lines I counted to keep track of chosen size. The larger numbers are the smaller sizes.
It took me a bit to sort out which size. I ultimately settled on a size small in U.S.






I was able to work through my issues and ended up with two very nice Christmas gifts and am glad I stuck it out.

I do plan on another cape soon!